What is an Iron Filter?

At Metro Water Filter, we believe that an educated customer can make the most progressive and proactive decision for the health of their family and their pets. Drinking filtered water using an iron filter has been shown to help protect your health and wellbeing by assuring that harmful toxins and iron buildup are prevented from entering your drinking supply and your body.

What Causes Iron in Water?

A typical sign of iron tainted water is the reddish or brownish staining found in your toilet bowl or on the rim of your sink basin. Iron can occur in what is called a “ferrous” state. When you pull the water from the tap, it appears clear. However, once it touches air, it can become oxidized (or ferric). This causes the water to turn reddish or brownish due to rust forming in the water. To counter this reaction, an iron filter can be used to filter out the iron particles.

What is an Iron Filter?

Metro Water Filter offers a chemical-free iron filter that does not use dangerous chemicals like chorine to remove the iron particles. Our chemical-free filter will remove harmful iron and other undesirable elements from your tap water using a special system that oxidizes the iron. Once the iron becomes oxidized, in the bed of the filter, it can be removed using a special process called “back-washing.” Iron filters are able to remove the iron particles from your water and prevent them from staining your sink basin or toilet bowl, in addition to removing the odiferous smell that’s associated with iron water.

How Efficient Are They?

Using a chemical-free iron filter, you can enjoy a generous flow that is rated at about 35 gallons per minute. These systems are designed to both remove iron particles and prevent them from entering your water source. They help improve the taste and the quality of the water while also preserving your water softening system.

Benefits of Using an Iron Filter

There are a number of key benefits that you’ll enjoy when using these filters.

  • Better tasting water with no iron impurities or metallic taste
  • Clear water with no brown or red hue
  • Safer drinking water with no chemical filtering process
  • No more stains on your sidewalk, driveway or patio from hosing it down
  • No more stains on your toilet boils, sink basins or laundry machines
  • Preserves your water softening system by preventing unwanted iron buildup
  • Automated operation with automated cleaning cycles
  • Cost effective, easy to use and simple to maintain