How Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Works

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Having chilled and crystal clear water on demand is a luxury in any office setting. A reverse osmosis water cooler system is a type of commercial quality appliance that delivers a large supply of cool filtered water to be enjoyed by office workers.

Reverse Osmosis Technology Explained

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most effective types of technology used in commercial water filtration. RO involves a series of processes that filter out some of the most common water contaminants such as bacteria, sediment, minerals, chemicals and more. Reverse Osmosis filters are available in several different stages. Each filtration stage has unique processes and features that rush water through sediment filter, activated carbon filter and Ultrafiltration filter. Maximum purity is achieved when a Reverse Osmosis filter has more stages of filtration.

Features of Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler

A water cooler with a Reverse Osmosis filter has a typical storage tank capacity of several gallons. The internal tank full of purified water is chilled just like a traditional refrigerator. With the push of a button, an RO water cooler system delivers chilled water just like a water dispenser. Powered by standard AC adapter connected to 110/120 V electrical outlets, water cooler systems usually have microprocessor controls for automatic regulation of the stored water.

The best way to enjoy clean and chilled water at the office is to install a Reverse Osmosis water cooler system. This appliance can easily fill up dozens of cups full of water in a matter of minutes.