Reverse Osmosis Water Filters That Remove Flouride

Metro Water Filter commercial osmosis

One of those most common additives in municipal water supplies is fluoride. Reverse osmosis water filtration reduces concerns about negative long-term effects of potable water containing fluoride. Reverse osmosis systems remove fluoride, chlorine, salts and inorganic metals found in water supplies. This system is ideal for providing safe water for industrial, commercial and residential uses.

Reverse osmosis systems work similarly to swimming pool filters. Both filter water through a grid system. Both have inlets and outlets and use media like carbon in the construction of filters that trap fluoride and other additives that reduce water quality and safety. Certain filters have membranes that trap fine sediment found in water supplies. A reverse osmosis system is typically supplied with a water storage tank.

Water travels from your supply line to multiple pre-filters before it is received by the membrane of the main filter. Water then passes through a check valve into the water storage tank and to the reverse osmosis faucet.

With a reverse osmosis system, water filtration is efficient and accurate.