Acid Filters

Acid Water Filtration system

Acid water is a common problem in homes and residences across the country. Acid water refers to water that has a pH balance higher than 7. And while acid water isn’t always dangerous to use or consume, it is not suitable for all uses and can be damaging to fixtures in your home.

Home owners may notice blue or green stains on restroom fixtures, on the shower floor, small pinhole leaks in pipes or bathroom fixtures that leak continuously or are corroded.

These symptoms lead to problems like damage to faucets, fixtures and appliances, stains on bathtubs, sinks and toilets, corrosion on copper and other metal piping, and of course, the potential health hazards.

The good news is that acid water filters all but restore the neutral pH balance to your home’s water supply. An Acid Filter is made with an inner filtration system that reduces the acidity of the water fed into the top of the unit. Clean and pH neutral water is passed from the filter and into your home or business water system.

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