Carbon Filters

Due to the large number of possible contaminants that may be present in the municipal water supply, many homes and businesses are turning to carbon filters to remove harmful chemicals, sediment and unwanted mineral content from the water. These unwanted and potentially dangerous elements are trapped and neutralized by activated carbon granules in the filter, which also helps to remove unpleasant odor and taste.


Why use a carbon filter?

As water from the treatment plant flows through the infrastructure of pipes and valves in the municipal water system, it can pick up almost anything. This is especially true of an aging infrastructure, such as exists in our area. Sediment, chemicals, pathogens, farm waste and sewage can all enter the pipes through breaks and weaknesses—all after the plant has treated the water. Adding to the problem is the chlorine that the treatment plant puts into the water supply to eliminate harmful bacteria. Chlorine in the water makes it smell and taste “bleachy” and causes our clothes to fade faster in the laundry. Even worse—the chlorine itself is a known carcinogen, and is considered unsafe to ingest!


A carbon filter effectively removes the vast majority of harmful chemicals, additives and sediment in the water supply, including the chlorine. Of the 129 identified harmful agents the EPA has identified as possibly present in the water supply, a carbon filter removes over 100 of them. The result is cleaner, odor-free water that you can drink, bathe and wash clothes in with confidence.


Advantages of carbon filters:

  • Filters the water at the point of entry into your home
  • Removes all chlorine
  • Removes sediment
  • Removes potentially dangerous minerals and chemicals such as arsenic, benzene, chromium, mercury, lead, nitrates and many others
  • Removes odors from the water
  • Improves taste of the water
  • Improves taste of food and drink in which the water is used
  • Reduces fading in fabrics from laundering
  • Filter self-cleans weekly through backwashing, extending its life expectancy (about 5 years)


To find out whether your home or office is a good candidate for a carbon filter system, Metro Water Filter offers a free, no-obligation test to determine the chlorine levels in your water supply. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!