About Us

Metro Water Filter is proud to be one of the most trusted companies in the South for water filtration. Individuals and businesses looking for a water filter supply company with high quality filtration products and a commitment to customer service know that Metro Water Filter of the South is the only company to turn to.


Who is Metro Water Filter of the South?

Metro Water Filter of the South is a trusted water filter supply company that has been in the business for more than four decades. Unlike some companies who treat water filtration as a side business, Metro Water Filter does only one thing: help customers to get the cleanest water possible.


Our family-owned business is committed to providing services to communities, homeowners, farms, towns and municipalities. We understand that water is life-sustaining and life-enriching and that the cleanliness of the water used for businesses, families, and community residents is of paramount importance. We are 100 percent committed to ensuring every one of our clients gets the necessary equipment – at affordable prices – to get the cleanest water possible.


Metro Water Filter of the South has tens of thousands of happy customers. Clients who need products or services from a water filter supply company trust us time and again, and recommend us to friends and neighbors. Our business has grown and thrived over the past 40 years because we always ensure we live up to our responsibility to provide comprehensive assistance and quality products for water filtration.


Water Filter Supply & More

Metro Water Filter is a water filter supply company that does so much more than just provide filtration products for purchase. Our professional team of water-quality experts provides comprehensive services for customers looking for assistance with all aspects water filtration.


We sell filtration equipment, including acid filters, carbon filters, conditioning filters, chlorinators, reverse osmosis systems, iron filters, and sediment filters. Our company also provides commercial services for municipal and government water treatment, poultry farms, restaurants, hotels, and medical facilities throughout the South.


We don’t just sell you equipment- we also service all of the water filtration equipment that you use. Clients who want to ensure their filters are always working optimally may sign up for maintenance agreements covering multiple filters. The maintenance agreements cover parts and labor for filtration systems, with a guarantee of no surprise expenses.


The Metro Water Filter Commitment

Metro Water Filter of the South has grown and thrived over almost a half century because of our company’s values. We are focused on customer satisfaction, fairness, and honesty and we know our relationship with our clients does not end the day a filter is purchased. We offer continued support for our clients and we are committed to selling only the best quality filters at the best prices.


Customers of Metro Water Filter of the South can count on us to provide:

  • A satisfaction guarantee – if you are not happy, we’ll give you back your money.
  • Servicing of all water filtration products that we sell.
  • Support staff available all the time, 24/7.


Join the tens of thousands of happy customers who have placed their trust in Metro Water Filter. Contact us today to learn more about our water filter supply company and about how we can help to meet your needs.