Iron Filters

It May Be Because of High Iron Levels

Does Your Water Cause Red Stains?

You may have noticed brown, red, or orange stains in the sinks or tubs around your home or office. You also may have noticed your tap water has a metallic taste. In many cases, this is because your water supply has excess iron. This not only can damage your plumbing infrastructure, but it is also bad for your health. Luckily, you can have cleaner water in your home or office with an iron filter from Metro Water Filter of the South.

Do I Need an Iron Filter?

To know whether an iron filter may be necessary for your home or commercial property, Metro Water Filter of the South cancome to your property and run a free water diagnosis.


What is an Iron Filter?

An iron filter is a special type of water filter designed specifically to remove excess iron that can occur naturally in the water supply. High iron levels in your watercan impact the taste and damage your plumbing. Additionally, clothing washed in water with too much iron may appear dingy, and water pressure can be reduced, along with stains appearing in sinks, tubs, and toilets.

What are the Benefits of an Iron Filter?

The high-quality iron filters by Metro Water Filter of the South will help to ensure your water tastes great, keeping your appliances and plumbing in great condition. Our filters are durable for long-term use, and our technicians can maintain the equipment so it’s in perfect working order for years to come. Iron filters can also minimize sulfur levels. Sulfur causes an unpleasant odor that can make you smell worse after showering. Have the purer water with an iron filter.


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