Reverse Osmosis Filters

Ultra Pure Water for Your Home or Office

Reverse osmosis is a distinctive process that cleanses water in an incredibly effective way.
Because of the filtration process, your home or business can enjoy the same quality of water the best name-brand bottled water providers offer, without the plastic waste from a single-use bottle. It’s ideal for exceptionally pure water to drink in your home or use in commercial applications such as a medical setting.

These filters (before and after) came out of a Reverse Osmosis system in an Atlanta home. This home is on city water.

Is a Reverse Osmosis Filter Right for Me?

Contact Metro Water Filter of the South for a free on-site water diagnosis and learn whether a reverse osmosis filter is the right option for your home or office.


Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filters


Up to 99% of dangerous contaminants from your water system, including pharmaceuticals.


Ultrapure water for your home or business, with a clean flavor ideal for drinking and cooking with.

Gives You…

Crystal clear water and the peace of mind that your water is truly as clean as possible.

Why Get a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective and trusted purification processes available, especially in a commercial setting. Two of the largest American bottled water producers rely on reverse osmosis to filter all of the water they sell. Now, you can have this same great taste in your own home or commercial building for drinking, cooking, or making ice. With a reverse osmosis filter system, you can substitute bottled water and save hundreds of dollars per year while drinking ultra pure water from the tap. Additionally, it removes pharmaceuticals, which you may be surprised to learn can be in your water; the Metro Atlanta area has recently found more than 80 pharmaceuticals in the water supply.

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Simple Solutions for Cleaner Water
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