Acid Water Filters

Have You Noticed Green or Blue Stains?

Homeowners and businesses with copper pipes may notice some blue or green stains around their sinks, tubs, and other points where water drains. In many cases, this indicates that you may have acidic water. Not only does this impact the quality and taste of the water, but it can also damage your fixtures, plumbing, and appliances, leading to costly damage such as leaks in copper pipes. The professionals of Metro Water Filter of the South can provide your home or business with a solution for cleaner water: an acid filter.

Signs You Have Acidic Water
  • Green or Blue Stains on Bathroom Fixtures
  • Green or Blue Stains in the Shower
  • Small Pinhole Leaks in Pipes
  • Continuously Leaking or Corroded Faucets
Learn What’s in Your Water

What are the Effects of Acidic Water?

Homeowners and businesses should know that acidic water can be harmful to drink. Your family or customers deserve pure water that won’t have any negative effects. Additionally, acidic water can be damaging to your plumbing and appliances, causing corrosion, leaks, and other expensive issues. Avoid these issues by installing an acid filter into your home or business.

Acidic Water Damages…
  • Faucets
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances
Acidic Water Stains…
  • Bathtubs
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
Acidic Water Harms…
  • Your Health
Acidic Water Causes…
  • Pipe Corrosion
  • Leaks
  • Appliance Damage
  • And More
What is Acidic Water?

As the name suggests, “acid water” occurs when water is acidic, meaning the water has a pH of less than 7. This can make the water unsafe to consume and can cause damage to your water system. Typically, water should have a pH balance of 7, which means it’s neither basic nor acidic. This water is safe to drink, cook with, and bathe in, among other activities. Acid water may refer to water that is naturally unbalanced toward the lower side of the pH scale.

The Solution: An Acid Filter

What are the Benefits of an Acid Filter?

For homes and commercial buildings, an acid filter keeps harmful water out of your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances. This protects your home or business from possible leaking pipes and additional damage as a result. An acid filter’s automatic operation and customizable self-cleaning functions make it a great option for many households. As a durable and easy-to-maintain filter, acid filters by Metro Water Filter of the South are highly recommended and trusted by many homeowners and businesses across the Southeast.

How Does an Acid Filter Work?

An acid filter is made with a special inner filtration system that reduces the acidity of the water fed into the top of the unit. Clean and pH-neutral water is passed from the filter and into your home or business’ water system. Acid filters rely on cycles to flush out sediments and other contaminants out of the filter so your water is as pure as possible. Acid filters are efficient and effective.

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