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The Very Best for Your Guests

Guests of restaurants and hotels expect to be treated right. Water quality is a detail that may get overlooked in the hospitality industry, but restaurants and hotels need to serve clean water and have it available for other tasks. Having clean water accessible to guests is key to pleasing your customers while also assuring your pipes and appliances stay in good condition. Whether you provide lodging or dining services, make your water quality matches the level of service you provide.

Learn What’s in Your Water

While your water may look clear when poured into a glass, it may contain bacteria or other contaminants that affect the taste and quality. You can’t tell exactly what’s in your water just by looking at it. Metro Water Filter of the South offers an on-site water diagnosis so that you can be sure about what’s in your water and create a plan of action to improve it.


Metro Water Filter of the South is an experienced team of specialists who would love the opportunity to meet with you, diagnose your water supply, and discuss options for improved water.


Our technicians follow the best practices when installing and implementing our commercial water filtration equipment. We use only the preferred and leading filters as a part of our commitment to quality and value.


The Metro Water Filter of the South specialists can maintain your water filtration system to ensure it’s in great condition for great results at all times.

How Hospitality Businesses Benefit from Purified Water

In the hospitality industry, the quality of your water should match the quality of your food and service. Hotels and restaurants need clean, good-tasting water to serve to optimize guest satisfaction. Having a clean water supply benefits every time one of your guests takes a relaxing shower. It benefits the quality of your food while cooking. Pure water is refreshing when sitting down for a nice meal or having a fresh cup of coffee. It improves a fresh load of laundry as your guests rest their heads at night. There are countless ways in how water impacts the guest experience, making pure water that much more important.

Where Water Quality Matters
  • Drinking
  • Cooking
  • Laundry
  • Showering
  • And More
How Unclean Water Hurts Hospitality Businesses

The water in your restaurant or hotel may contain bacteria, sediments, or other contaminants. While this affects the quality of your service, it can also be harmful to anyone consuming the water. Likewise, unpurified water can be damaging and costly to your appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine in addition to your building’s piping and water system. This may cause corrosion or other water-related issues. Also, to meet your efficient operations, purified water can have a high flow rate to accommodate the demands of the consumers and large-scale cleaning projects.

Customized Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Metro Water Filter of the South, having over 50 years of experience, specializes in hotel and restaurant water filtration. Our extensive background in this industry allows us to design a comprehensive and customizedground-up system that meets the needs of your hospitality business. Every guest’s shower will be refreshing, and every glass of water will be pure with the help of Metro Water Filter of the South.

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Simple Solutions for Cleaner Water
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