Bad Water Leads to Elevated Lead Levels in Flint Residents


download (6)What happens when a city changes how it gets its water and the change is definitely not for the better?

Residents of the city of Flint, Michigan are finding this out after a recent report revealed that children living in the city showed elevated levels of lead in their bloodstreams.

Since the change in the water supply, the elevated levels of lead in children in two of the city’s zip codes have tripled. Many families out of concern for the health and welfare of their families have opted to purchase bottled water, some spending as much as $15 per week.

The problem began after the city opted to stop getting its water from Detroit and start getting its water supply from the Flint River last year.

The state of Michigan has begun distributing water filters to the residents of Flint because of growing concerns about the city’s water quality. Charities, individuals and private organizations have been distributing bottled water for a number of weeks. The United Way, according to the Genesee County Health Department, has been working to insure that Flint Schools have access to secure water filter systems.

A public health emergency was declared last week and the Mayor of Flint, Dayne Walling said in a statement to the media that, “Any bottled water donations we receive will be used for our children and other high risk groups, such as our seniors.”

The Mayor and the city’s Technical Advisory Committee that is made up of water experts is due to meet in the near future in order to discuss both short and long term solutions to the problems the city of Flint is now facing with its water supply.

Having contaminants that put the health of citizens at risk is a serious concern. It is the nightmare of anyone who is responsible for the water supply of any city or business.

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