Ceramic Filters Getting Tested in the US

downloadIn America, our favored methods of treating water are through chemicals, settling ponds, aeration, and filtration. In Europe and Asia, a method using ceramic membranes for filtration is preferred. The first system of this kind in the US is opening in Butte, Montana in 2016. The two-story plant will filter water from the Basin Creek Reservoir.

Ceramic filter systems have been around for some time, but not in municipal water treatment. Filters are used in current treatment plants but traditional filters have downsides. Ceramic filters have lasted at least 10 years. Once a fiber breaks in a traditional filter, the filter is useless. Ceramic filters are also very stable and inert. They can be washed clean with strong chemicals and can handle backflow pressure to clean them out. The big disadvantage to ceramic membranes is cost and a limited track record of use.

If this new plant in Butte can prove that ceramic membranes can work better than traditional filters, this will be a filtration system to reckon with. Even a tiny tear in a traditional membrane can let harmful bacteria through.

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