Ceramic Filters in New Water Filtration Device

downloadCeramic filters are normally seen in large industrial filtration systems. They last quite a long time compared to polycarbonate filters. Now a company in Singapore has developed a personal filtration system that uses these for use in rural areas.

The company is called WateROAM and is run by four young men that went to school together at the University of Singapore. Their vision is to build a world where no man shall face prolonged thirst. The leader of the organization was inspired to work in water filtration after seeing a young boy drink contaminated water out of a well.

They first made a system called Fieldtrate Plus. It weighs about 30kg, costs around $1500, and provides up to 500 liters of clean water an hour for years. This is enough water to supply the needs of a few hundred people. Now they’ve shrunk this design into a bag that weighs about 300 grams, only costs $35 dollars, and doesn’t require electricity. Fieldtrate Light. It can filter 6-10 liters of water an hour, enough for one family.

The company is selling the devices to NGOs that can reach rural areas in need of water filtration systems. They also make personal trips to share the devices. They hope that it will soon be unnecessary for aid workers to fly in bottled water and use devices like these instead.

Their next goal is to build a device that can filter out arsenic, a dangerous and difficult contaminant. They hope to use this device in Cambodia and Bangladesh where arsenic contamination is rampant.

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