Change in Municipal Water Supply Makes Water Taste Bad

download (26)Here’s an unusual story out of California that shows why it’s important to have water filtration even if your region is known for very clean water. In East Bay, the water is so clean and tastes so good that the utility district’s water treatment plants don’t use ozone. Ozone is great at removing taste and odor problems.

California is undergoing a huge drought and has been under drought conditions for many years now. East Bay’s water supply also lies along an important salmon spawning run. For salmon to spawn they need cold water, and supplies have been very low. So last week the reservoir operators decided to draw off warmer water near the top of the reservoir for 1.3 million residents to drink to preserve the colder water for the fish.

What they weren’t expecting were the more than 200 complaints about the taste and odor of the water. Officials learned that algae concentrations were much higher than expected in the warmer parts of the reservoir. It gave the water a very earthy and pungent taste. It was safe to drink, but wasn’t the quality residents were expecting.

The officials have decided to draw colder water again, and recommended residents cool the water or add citrus to mask the flavor of the algae until the system is flushed.

One small change led to a big change in water quality. Businesses can’t afford poor quality water. Invest in a proper filtration system for your business. Metro Water Filters can test your tap water and recommend the perfect filtration system for your needs. Call today for a free quote.