Club H2O Brings Water Filtration to Needy Areas

images (6)Water filtration is our life’s work at Metro Water Filter. We love seeing others take up the cause of providing clean water for people who don’t have it. Clean water is essential for civilized life. For one young man, a trip to Jamaica and a bad breakup led him to take on the cause of providing clean water.

Cyrus Maroofian was traveling in Jamaica. His girlfriend had just dumped him. While on a Jamaican bus contemplating his fate, he noticed people gathering polluted rain water in buckets. He found out this was their only source for water in that area, so this USC student decided to do something about it.

He began researching the topic of water quality and interviewed experts. He eventually formed a campus club, Club H20, to raise awareness about the problem, discuss solutions, and solicit funds for projects. They had big dreams, but after learning about a case in Ghana where 300 school children were regularly drinking contaminated water, he knew he had to act faster.

He took some of the money and bought five high-grade hiking water filters that could convert 1 million gallons of water each. It cost around $250 for the filters. Within a year, there were no reported cases of water-borne diseases in that population!

He expanded the project to Tanzania, where locals were sure that he was going to get sick and die from drinking the swamp water. But thanks to the filter, and the brave actions of a local girl, he was able to convince the locals that the water could be safely consumed after filtration.

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