Coastkeepers Fight to Keep Water Quality High

downloadFor many organizations such as San Diego-based non-profit San Diego Coastkeeper, raising awareness about clean water has been a long hard road. The organization works to pressure government into repairing and replacing old sewer and water lines, as well as corporations to get them to improve their water usage.

Twenty years ago, only a few people were really concerned about water quality. Today, it’s an entirely different story. San Diego Coastkeeper is now helping San Diego city officials usher in a new era of water conservation in the area that includes water-recycling and reclamation.

San Diego Coastkeeper, which calls itself “the biggest little environmental organization nobody’s ever heard of,” has achieved this by active lobbying, community outreach, diplomacy, and even litigation in order to make increased water quality a priority in the region.

In 1999, Coastkeeper won its first major court victory against Southwest Marine, now called BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair. The company was held legally accountable for discharging pollution into the bay and was cited for cleanup of the mess. In 2005, Coastkeeper was able to reach a legal settlement with the city of San Diego. The settlement forced the city to spend millions of dollars in upgrades to sewage infrastructure that had been leaking waste on a daily basis.

“It’s a group that really at its core is about advocacy,” said Bruce Reznik, who now works as executive director of Los Angeles Coastkeeper. “At its heart we are an organization, a movement that stands up and says, ‘These waterways belong to all of us, and we’re not going to allow people to pollute.”

San Diego Coastkeeper is one organization in a network comprised of over 260 “waterkeeper” organizations in more than 21 countries.

Water quality is important to everyone. It’s important that your city or business have access to clean water. It is clear that communities, industries and everyone are standing up for keeping our waterways clean and ensuring water quality.

Helping your community or business provide clean healthy water for everyone is our specialty at Metro Water Filter. Call our offices to schedule to meet with one of our water quality experts today.

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