Water filtration is easily one of the most critical elements to everyday life as clean water is the basis of so much life and utility. The health and hygiene of our communities in GA rely on commercial water filters. Since beer is 90%+ water and also uses water in almost every step of the brewing process, it’s no wonder water filters are an essential part of breweries. Thoroughly filtered water will be free of contaminants and taste, leading to better tasting brews.

America has seen an explosion of breweries within the last decade and has yet to see a significant slowdown. All of these breweries are working to perfect their own style and beverages, but the flavor profiles of city water vary across the nation. Without commercial water filters, fine-tuning and perfecting the taste would be extremely difficult.

How Water Quality Effects Flavor

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As a result of differences in water quality and taste, breweries utilize commercial water filters to ensure they always have a blank slate to build their unique drinks upon. This allows for consistent and perfect brews every time. Put simply, water filtration gives brewers complete control over flavor profiles as well purity and hygiene.

There are three key factors in the water that will affect the outcome of the beer. The levels can all be raised or lowered with the help of commercial water filters:

  • pH: The pH level impacts almost all of the reactions that occur during the brewing process. Managing the pH will make it easier to manufacture consistent brews.
  • Alkalinity: In almost every city, the municipal water is higher in alkalinity than brewers would prefer. The alkalinity of water can be reduced by utilizing a reverse-osmosis system.
  • Minerals: A common belief is that the best brews are made with mountain spring water, but that’s because that water is mostly mineral-free. Pure water lets the brewery create custom brews where added ingredients can truly shine. By implementing filters in the process, breweries can strip unwanted elements from the water.

Our Commercial Water Filters in GA Can Help

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Since different beers require different water, the importance that water filtration systems have on the process and final product cannot be overstated. For example, making pilsners typically calls for softer water while hoppier beers will require harder water with higher concentrations of calcium.

Breweries all over the world, both big and small, are able to take water quality into their own hands, made possible by water filters. Some of the most commonly used filters by brewers are:

  • Carbon Filters: These filters neutralize contaminants in the water, improving the taste, smell, and overall quality.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters: Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective and trusted purification processes available, especially in a commercial setting.
  • Sediment Filters: A mixed bed filter system uses various sized media to remove sediment and other large contaminants from your water.

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We have become a top trusted name in the industry through our more than 50 years of experience servicing the Southeast. We are happy to provide all the water filtration help that your home or business needs and answer any questions that may come up. Our commercial water filters in GA will let your brewery’s ingredients and craftsmanship shine.

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