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If you own a spa, you know the importance of keeping things clean and safe for your clients. Unfortunately, contaminants in your water can harm both clients and equipment. A wide range of contaminants including hard minerals, iron, sediment, carbon, and others can enter your water supply. Not only do they harm those who drink it, but they can harm people through bathing or even inhalation. Metro Water Filter of the South provides the best commercial filtration system in GA to target these contaminants and give you peace of mind knowing that you’re treating your clients with quality water.

Hard Water

If you notice corrosion around the faucets or white deposits in the sinks, your spa likely has hard water, which refers to an excess of calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water doesn’t pose health risks like some other contaminants, but hard water dries out hair and skin and turns soap into sludge that clogs the pipes. It also causes water to have a mineral taste.

No client would want to come to a spa with hard water. If your spa is plagued by hard water, invest in a conditioning filter to reduce the amount of minerals in your water.



Iron not only damages plumbing equipment and fixtures and causes water to smell and taste bad, which will certainly drive clients away from your spa. It may also cause health issues such as heart or liver damage. If you see brown or orange stains in your sinks or toilets and notice a foul smell and reduced water pressure, your water likely has excess iron. An iron filter removes not only iron, but also sulfur from your water supply.


You might have sediment in your water if you notice clogged pipes, reduced water pressure, or your water smells or tastes funny. Sediment can leak into your pipes from run-off soil and causes water to look, smell, and taste different. A sediment filter purges the sediment from your water and is almost completely maintenance-free.


Chlorine and chlorine compounds such as chloramines might be the most common and the most dangerous contaminant in your water. It not only affects people after they drink it, but it can also be absorbed through the skin and inhaled while bathing. This might end up having worse health effects than simply drinking it. Luckily, a carbon filter helps filter out chlorine, ensuring your clients get treated with the best quality water.

Other Contaminants

Other contaminants you may face include bacteria, lead, mercury, nitrates, and more. If you own a spa, you know the importance of giving your clients a pure, natural experience. No matter what enters your water, you can expect clean quality from Metro Water Filter of the South.

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