Farmers in Iowa Fight Agricultural Runoff

download (27)One of the largest sources of water pollution in America is agricultural runoff. Nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen from chemical fertilizers get washed off fields with storm runoff and enter our lakes and streams. These nutrients then have to be filtered out of water before communities can drink from it safely, and they also cause great damage to habitats.

There are ways that farmers can fight this problem, and a group in Iowa is documenting these efforts. The Iowa Food & Family Project is building a photo project showing how farmers are taking steps to reduce this problem. The steps taken include:

  • Reduced tillage
  • Cover crops to take up the additional nutrients
  • Not putting on too much fertilizer
  • Adding grasses along waterways that will consume the nutrients from runoff
  • Water retention ponds along runoff channels

“Iowa’s landscape is being transformed with the construction of modern livestock barns and the implementation of more soil conservation practices in more locations,” said Aaron Putze, coordinator of Iowa Food & Family and communications director for the Iowa Soybean Association. “With the added interest in the topic of water quality this spring, providing a forum for farmers to showcase the many practices they’re using to cover Iowa takes on added importance.”

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