Fight over the Clean Water Rule

download (9)Who rules how clean a body of water has to be before it can be used as public drinking water? That is up to the Environmental Protection Agency. The key piece of legislation used in those rulings is the Clean Water Act, which was passed decades ago. However, a ruling about an unclear part of the act has some states filing lawsuits.

The key question is which bodies of water are covered by the act. The state says that “navigable waters” are protected, and that “navigable waters” means “the waters of the United States.” But just what constitutes the waters of the United States? Back in May, the EPA released a clarification called the “Clean Water Rule” that puts forth their interpretation of what it means. It is a huge rule that can affect 60% of the land in the US.

Some states have challenged the new ruling, especially states with coastlines or waters that come in from Canada. 28 states and numerous other organizations have sued the government to stop the new definition, and those cases are working their way up through the court system.

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