GE Sends Mobile Filtration Plant to Remote Alaska Power Plant for Upgrades

download (11)Commercial operations need clean water, but not just for sanitation and employee hydration. Some industrial processes also need clean filtered water to operate. One of the most vital enterprises that require clean water is electricity generation. Many coal-fired plants use steam generation to operate turbines. If that water isn’t clean, deposits and corrosion will rapidly develop, costing possibly millions to repair.

So what happens when a power plant’s water filtration system needs an upgrade? GE has developed a mobile water filtration plant that can come into a remote area and provide clean water during these upgrades. The Golden Valley Electric Association in Alaska has recently hired GE to provide a portable reverse osmosis plant while they upgrade their water filtration system to handle a new turbine. The portable plant will be able to provide 100 gallons per minute of water treated by reverse osmosis and ion-exchange tanks.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

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