How Can Drinking Filtered Water Improve Your Life?

Nothing beats the feeling of some cold water quenching your thirst, especially on a warm summer day. But just because it might be quenching your thirst, it may still not be good for you – unless it is filtered.

We hear about dirty water in third-world countries. There are warnings when we travel surrounding such topics. But people even in the United States become ill every year just by drinking unfiltered dirty tap water (link to CDC article). Fortunately, you can help prevent illness and help keep your family healthy by providing them with clean filtered water.

The Truth about Tap Water
You have probably consumed tap water for years. In fact, growing up, you might have even drunk straight from the hose outside on a summer day. But the issue is that you cannot always trust what is flowing from your faucet.

Tap water generally might look clean. But you don’t know what’s lurking in the pipes that are responsible for carrying water to your home.

Tap water can easily pick up many contaminants during its journey to your kitchen sink. These contaminants may range from bacteria to pesticides and even waste particles. Even though water is fortified and disinfected along the way, there’s no guarantee that the water will be completely safe. That’s where we show up to help!

If you drink contaminated water, you may end up suffering serious health problems. Here are some ways that filtered water can improve your life.

  • Chlorine Will Be Gone
    Chlorinated water works wonderfully in swimming pools. However, it isn’t great for the human body. Unfortunately, tap water features a little chlorine in it. That’s why it’s a smart idea to filter it before drinking it. In filtered water, both chlorine and its byproducts are removed, which means you receive protection against a wide range of cancers, including rectal cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. When you filter your water, your air will immediately become healthier and better for your entire household.
  • Savings at the Store
    By choosing filtered water, you can save yourself large sums of money at the grocery store. Why? Because you no longer have to purchase costly bottled water. A new filtration system will easily pay for itself in the form of the savings you’ll generate in the years following its installation.
  • Lower Medical Costs
    Because filtered water is much safer for your family, you can expect to spend less money on water-related disease medications. As a result, you and your loved ones can live more productive lives. Your kids can keep going to school, you can keep going to work, and you don’t have to miss family vacations due to waterborne sicknesses.
  • No Stomach Issues
    Drinking clean water with your meals is critical, as it helps to facilitate your body’s food digestion process. That’s because your digestive system needs fresh water to function properly. When you drink filtered water, your metabolism will improve, and your body will successfully flush out wastes. Also, filtered water safeguards you against gastrointestinal diseases, as water filters remove parasites such as giardia and cryptosporidium. This will ultimately enhance your quality of life.
  • No Toxin Problems
    Thousands of toxins may be present in unclean tap water. Fortunately, water filters prevent these toxins from entering the body. The result? Your kidneys can effectively detoxify your body. Basically, the more clean water you drink, the more capable your body is of flushing toxins out.
  • Healthier Babies and Children
    If you’re a pregnant woman, drinking filtered water is especially paramount, as drinking clean water decreases your chances of giving birth to children with serious birth defects. For example, some researchers found that particular nitrates in water may increase a fetus’s chances of suffering spina bifida. Filtered water is also just as important for new mothers who have chosen to bottle-feed their babies. If you mix dirty tap water with baby formula, your baby may, unfortunately, experience mental retardation and poisoning. Lead poisoning is an especially serious problem in children that can be prevented by using water filters, which instantly eliminate lead. Filtered water is furthermore known to boost a child’s immune system. As a result, you’ll have a healthier, stronger, and happier child who can enjoy his or her childhood to the max.
  • Fewer Headaches — Literally
    Unfortunately, many things in life can give you a headache. Your water shouldn’t be one of them. Because your brain is predominately water, clean water is absolutely crucial for alleviating or at least decreasing headaches. Meanwhile, research shows that consuming tap water instead of filtered water may actually lead to migraines. So, save yourself the headache of unnecessary headaches by sticking with filtered water.
  • No More Constipation
    Water isn’t just good for your brain. It’s good for your bowels, too. If you’re dealing with constipation issues — you know, the feeling that you’re trying to poop out a log unsuccessfully — you’ll experience quick relief via the intake of clean water. Filtered water can also help to restore normal bowel movements so that you don’t have constipation issues going forward.
  • Greater Enjoyment of Food
    Do you love cooking? Or maybe you just like eating? You’ll love these activities, even more, when you begin to use filtered water. Here’s why. If you wash and cook your food using clean water, the food’s natural taste will be preserved. Unfiltered water contains bacteria and other contaminants that may, on the other hand, change how your food tastes. So, use filtered water in the kitchen for better future mealtime experiences. And no — boiling water won’t do the trick, as boiling does not eradicate all of the harmful compounds in tap water, particularly if your water contains heavy metals.
  • Environmental Benefits
    Another reason to use filtered water? It’s great for Mother Earth. With bottled water, you end up with a large number of plastic bottles you have to get rid of. Even if you recycle water bottles, the cost of processing these materials into reusable items places unnecessary strain on the earth. By using a water filter, you decrease the amount of trash you produce as well as the cost associated with transporting your water.
  • Better Weight Control
    Did you know that when you drink clean water, maintaining your perfect weight will be so much easier? Clean water has a way of keeping your body from absorbing too much sugar and carbohydrates. It’s for this reason that people with weight problems are encouraged to consume more water than their thinner counterparts do.
  • Enhance Your Appearance
    Filtered water won’t just help you to lose weight. It’ll enhance many other aspects of your physical appearance. For instance, it’ll add shine to your hair, soften your skin and make your nails healthier. All of this is possible because water filters remove chlorine from the water. Clean water can also help to decrease skin-related problems, such as acne if you drink enough of it. In fact, entertainment industry professionals, including models, drink water constantly to keep their skin as healthy as possible.
  • No Aluminum or Arsenic
    Aluminum is another element found in poorly filtered or unfiltered municipal water. By filtering your water, you can prevent many health problems stemming from aluminum intake, including Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities in kids, liver diseases, hyperactivity, and skin problems. Arsenic is yet another element that may be present in your tap water. This powerful carcinogenic is known to possibly increase your risk of developing various forms of cancer. So, be sure to use a water filter to keep yourself and your loved ones as healthy as possible.

How Much Filtered Water Should You Drink?
Growing up, you were probably told time and time again that you should drink eight glasses of water a day. The truth is that you should probably drink even more than that, especially if you live a particularly active lifestyle or if you live in an extremely hot or cold climate.

Nowadays the recommendation for water consumption is based on your body weight. Experts say that you should drink a half-ounce for every pound that you weigh. So for instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, your should drink 75 ounces of water. Alcohol drinkers and smokers can especially benefit from more water consumption. But remember that quantity isn’t everything. As we mentioned earlier, the quality of your water is what counts in the end.

How We Can Help
We are a leading provider of high-quality water filters in the Atlanta area and really all over Georgia. We have all kinds of filtration systems that you can see here. We will come out and perform a free water quality test to determine what is in your water and how we can help you treat it the right way. We service and maintain all of our equipment as well.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits of filtered water and how our products can help to keep you and your family members safer and healthier.

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