How Culligan Filters Their Water

downloadLast week, we wrote about how Niagara Bottling Company was recalling bottles of water due to possible contamination. This lead one station to investigate just how bottled water companies filter their water before putting it into the bottle. There are many different methods for filtration and purification, and the example they used shows many of them.

Culligan in Missoula, Montana, shared some of their filtration techniques with the station. They’ve been selling bottled water for 60 years. They have a fourteen step filtration process, but it all started with tap water from the local city. Yes, many bottled water companies start with local tap water and further purify it for sale.

The three main processes they use are carbon filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, and ozone disinfection. Carbon filtration is used to remove the taste of chemicals and harmful impurities. Ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection kill bacteria, the same ones that Niagara ran afoul of in their plant. Once the water has gone through all the steps, it sits in an agitator while it waits for bottling. Agitating the tub adds oxygen and prevents anaerobic bacterial growth. It sits in these tubs for 48 hours before final testing, just to make sure there is no bacteria before it is bottled.

Worried about whether your filtration may be up to par after reading the stories about Niagara? Metro Water Filter can help. Call us today for a quote on an inspection of your business or municipality’s water system.

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