Mold Violations at AMF Snellville Lanes

download (25)Putting a quality water filtration system in your business is the key to stopping contamination before it starts. Any place where there is water, there is the potential for mold and other biological contaminants. Mold can be very tricky to get rid of because mold spores are extremely hardy. When mold is found in a restaurant inspection, the results can get quite ugly.

AMF Snellville Lanes in Gwinnett is facing a major health violation due to mold. They scored a 54 in a recent health inspection and were ordered to fix the problems immediately. Just to show how fast a problem can develop, they passed their previous two inspections and even got a perfect score on the last one!

Violations included:

  • Mold in the ice machine
  • A drink nozzle gun with mold
  • Debris on the can opener
  • Sanitizer in a cleaning bucket at a toxic level
  • Food stored uncovered in the walk-in freezer

They’ve had to shut down while they clean up the mess, but they expect to be back up and running after a re-inspection in a few days.

Keeping your water filters changed regularly can prevent colonies of micro-organisms from developing in your equipment. Ice machines are a notorious breeding ground for bacteria. Cold doesn’t kill most bacteria; it just slows them down. Keep your ice clean through proper handling and a regularly-changed water filter. For more information, contact Metro Water Filters.

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