More than a Million Californians Lack Access to Clean Drinking Water

ARSENI-2Groundwater pollution is a major reason for water filtration. Irresponsible chemical practices of earlier decades have left some communities reliant on filtration just to get the water they need to survive. Some areas of California are feeling an extra hard pinch because of unsafe drinking water and restrictions on water usage.

More than a million Californians lack access to clean drinking water according to a recent study. Many of these people are spending 10% of their income or more to drink bottled water because the local supply tastes bad, looks dirty, or suffers from contamination. In the tested wells, every well had either bacterial, arsenic, or disinfection byproduct contamination. Some members of these communities are resorting to drinking soda as a main beverage because it is cheaper than bottled water, but this is leading to an increase in diabetes.

No one should have to suffer with contaminated water when water filtration options are so plentiful. No matter what type of pollution is in the water, there is a way to filter it out to make the local water safe to drink. If your business runs on a groundwater supply, you must get it tested regularly. Many aquifers have significant pollution problems. If your water tastes funny, looks cloudy, or you believe people may be getting ill from it, contact Metro Water Filters for a consultation.

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