New Company Makes Washing More Efficient

download (2)Even the appliances we use today have been updated to address issues surrounding water conservation. It’s relatively easy to install a low-flow toilet or a low-flow shower head, but saving money on washing clothing is much more challenging.

One startup company, AquaFresco, is attempting to make doing laundry more efficient by reusing the water used in washing a load of clothes. The company says that in the typical laundering process, 20 gallons or water is used along with detergent in order to remove a very small amount of dirt. Rather than sending wash water down the drain and into the sewer system, the company has developed a way that will allow washing machines reuse up to 95% of the wastewater used in the laundering process.

The technology, developed by three MIT graduate students, will allow consumers and institutions to substantially reduce the amount of water that is used. The team of students were the third place winners in MIT’s Water Innovation prize. Hotels and hospitals will especially benefit from this technology.

The company says that the technology will be available in the near future and will not require a major overhaul in infrastructure or require people to drastically change their behavior.

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