New Filter Seeks Kickstarter Funding

From the Naked Filter website
From the Naked Filter website

At Metro Water Filters our focus is on commercial water filtration. However, some of the most interesting advances in water filtration systems come from sources like the backpacking community. People who regularly go to places that have uncertain water quality, especially bacteria-infected water, have to treat that water somehow to avoid getting sick.

Many of these methods are time consuming, slow, or change the taste of the water perceptibly. But one company is using Kickstarter to raise funds for a new kind of filter that fixes all those problems. It’s called Naked Filter. Naked Filter uses a nanofiber mesh that uses fine fibers 1/600th the size of a human hair. According to the company, their mesh is fine enough to trap many kinds of bacteria without stopping water flow. The filtration unit fits into standard-sized water bottles.

As the mesh fills up with bacteria, water will start to flow slower until it is completely clogged. The company claims that the force of the water going through the filter won’t be enough to dislodge the bacteria trapped in there.

Time will tell if their Kickstarter succeeds and if their product gets popular enough to hit store shelves, but if the technology is sound and can be scaled up, it could prove to be another useful tool in the fight against water contamination.

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