New Water Filter Uses Tearable Sheets


We love learning about new forms of water filtration. Here’s another new one that has some great potential because it is so portable. A researcher at Carnegie Melon University has invented a filtration book that allows users to tear out pages that act as water filters.

The tearable pages are impregnated with copper and silver nanoparticles. These particles kill harmful bacteria in water, and quite well too. They tested the sheets at 25 different contaminated water sources around the world. 99% of the bacteria were killed when water was poured through the sheet.

Each sheet has instructions printed on it in the local language. To use it is simple. Tear off a sheet and slip it into the filter basket, then pour water through it. Each sheet decontaminates about 100 litres of water. While some particles do wash off into the water, the amounts of copper and silver are low enough that the drinking water is safe.

However, the sheets aren’t ready for prime-time yet. More tests need to be done to see how well the sheets deal with viruses, and researchers want to test more locations. However, if it goes well then it will be very easy for people to carry around a book of filters.

Today’s leading-edge filter solutions become the core technologies of tomorrow’s large-scale filtration systems. Want to know how we can upgrade your current filter? Contact Metro Water Filter for a free consultation.

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