Robotic Swans Test Water Quality

downloadIf you pump your water from a natural source, how can you test the quality of the water at the source without interfering with the water quality? What if your reservoir is also a tourist attraction? Scientists may have found a solution.

Scientists at the University of Singapore have developed a mobile water testing lab that looks like a swan. These robots are powered by twin props powered by an electrical motor and a battery pack. The swans also carry sensors to measure pH, turbidity, chlorophyll content, and dissolved oxygen. Imbalances in these variables can show a problem with the water supply.

The swans can be controlled manually, but the goal is to have them patrol a body of water using GPS and pre-programmed routes. Data is transmitted to the cloud and the swans automatically return to a charging station when their batteries are low. Future plans for development include making the units work in salt water.

This is a pretty ingenious way to get hard data on water quality. How are you currently testing for water quality? Metro Water Filter has equipment that can help you out. Look at our range of testing kits today, or call our office to schedule a water test. We can recommend filtration products and water quality strategies to keep your water supply clean and your drinkers safe.