Some Purification Methods Waste Water

7654729568_8e6ea0ffb8_mWe ran across an opinion letter from a writer in Chico, California about water filtration. The writer complained about the amount of water wasted in filtering and softening water, and how recent restrictions on water usage by farmers should instead be turned toward water softening and filtration systems.

It’s a fair point. In some systems, like a reverse osmosis system, some water is needed to take the concentrated contaminants away from the house. In any filtration system something needs to carry the contaminants away whether it is water or if it is a disposable filter. In a crisis situation like California’s, is it wise to operate home filtration and softening systems that puts extra water down the drain?

It really depends on what the local contamination is. Some areas use filtration just to eliminate chlorine taste, but there are also areas that must have filtration either at the home or municipal level to eliminate natural contaminants like arsenic. Some contaminants can only be removed by reverse osmosis.

Nevertheless, a business or town may want to know how to use less waste water in their water filtration and softening programs. Metro Water Filter can help. We have the latest filtration systems on the market. Modern systems use far less extra water than older ones. Call us today and we can give you a comparison so you can find out how much money and water you can save.