Tarpon Springs Opens New Reverse Osmosis Facility

downloadFlorida does have aquifers, but getting adequate water is a challenge. The land is so close to sea level that many groundwater sources can be brackish. This is where fresh and saltwater mix. It is often not drinkable and requires special techniques for filtration.

Tarpon Springs has just cut the ribbon on a new reverse osmosis facility that can turn brackish water into safe drinkable water. The capacity of the system is expected to meet the city’s needs for the next 20 years. The new system also frees up the need for Tarpon Springs to buy water from other municipalities.

Other cities have also taken up reverse osmosis to supply their cities with drinkable water. One city, Clearwater, even has an ambitious plan to convert brackish water into fresh water and inject it back into the original aquifer. The idea is that with enough time, they can bank away water for the future.

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