Town Raises $4 Million to Remove PCE from Water

images (7)There are many chemicals that can contaminate groundwater. There may not be enough to cause any damage, but these chemicals may still be present. One town in the state of Utah decided to pay for a new water treatment plant to eliminate a known carcinogen from their water supply.  The town had had the contamination in their water for at least twenty years!

The contaminant in question is perchloroethylene. It’s an organic solvent that is used by the dry-cleaning industry but is a known carcinogen. The residents of Woods Cross, Utah, found the chemical in their water at a concentration of five parts per billion. It would require quite a lot of water to make someone sick. Nevertheless, they decided it would better to be safe than sorry and invested $4 million into their water treatment facility so they could eliminate the potentially chemical.

Communities must take a commitment to make their drinking water safe. EPA regulations cover many of most harmful contaminants, but even tiny amounts could cause bio-accumulation problems that haven’t been studied yet. We can test the effectiveness of your water treatment plant and recommend filtration solutions that can make your water even cleaner. For more information about how we can help, read our webpage or contact our sales offices.