Water Filtration Changes Lives in Cuba

download (16)Here in America, we are fortunate enough to have clean tap water across the majority of our nation. But there are many places in the world that do not have access to clean tap water. Poor sanitation and poor natural water quality contribute to health problems in many places worldwide.

Sometimes, charities will aid those in areas with poor water quality to ensure they receive clean water by installing filtration systems. One such place is in Cardenas, Cuba. The local water gave all those who lived there regular bouts of cholera and diarrhea. The St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church decided to intervene by sending volunteers to build a water purification system.

Since the installation of the system, the level of water-borne illnesses has decreased significantly. The project started in 2011 when volunteers went to the community to test the water through an organization called Living Waters for the World, which provides water filtration systems to areas in need. Those tests showed severe water quality problems, which inspired the volunteers to purchase and install a water filtration system through that organization. The system uses ultraviolet light and antimicrobial filters to treat the water. The system stores the clean water in two 350-gallon tanks.

Water treatment and filtration do more than just give us clean-tasting water. It is also a public health concern. If you’re a commercial business and you have concerns about your water quality, consider talking with Metro Water Filters. We can test your water quality and offer filtration recommendations.