Water Innovations from Minnesota

download (12)Finding new ways to make potable water is a priority for many companies in the US. With increasing water pollution and a lack of water in many regions of the US, notably the West Coast, news of a new water filtration or water purification technology sends the media buzzing. Three companies from Minnesota have had their advances highlighted.

A doctor learned that WWI-era soldiers stopped bleeding with sphagnum moss. He learned that the moss had anti-bacterial properties. He’s now the CEO of Creative Water Solutions. They use this product to purify water for swimming pools, where the moss removes the chlorine smell and reduces the amount needed, and for larger industrial applications. Sales of the product have been growing 30-40% per year.

Advanced Water Recovery has a proprietary process to use chemicals to desalinate water and then pull the chemicals out of the water to leave clean water behind. The company says they can desalinate water at a 70% cheaper rate. They are building a demonstration plant in Philadelphia, but have already received overwhelming demand from California.

Nanostone is experimenting with ceramic filters that take the place of the standard plastic membranes. Their innovation is to reduce the cost of ceramic filters by using a honeycomb design that makes them as durable as a standard ceramic filter but at a price point similar to plastic.

To learn more about these companies and why Minnesota is such a hotbed for water purification research, check out the rest of the article. If you have questions about your current water filtration system or need an inspection, contact Metro Water Filter.

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