Poultry Farms

For poultry farms, providing pure water is both a necessity and a challenge. It is a necessity because the water quality for birds is about the same as it is for humans, and the water your birds drink will have a bearing on the quality of your product. It is also a challenge because the waste contaminates generated by poultry farms can so easily seep into the ground water.


Suffice it to say that having access to purified water is a must for poultry farmers. Metro Water Filter can meet this need by evaluating your water supply, then designing and installing a purification system customized to your particular needs to ensure the water is safe for consumption by your birds, your employees, and you!


Your specially designed water purification system may include any of the following elements:

  • Carbon filters (to remove sediment, chlorine, agricultural contaminants from pesticides/herbicides, and other harmful agents)
  • Soda ash feeders and/or acid filters (to raise the pH of acidic well water)
  • Reverse osmosis systems (for water purification water at the molecular level)
  • Water conditioners (to remove calcium and magnesium that can cause scale buildup on your pipes)
  • Iron filters (to remove excess iron from the water)
  • Disinfectant systems (to eliminate harmful bacteria)
  • …and other solutions according to your needs.


There are a variety of treatment solutions and filters available to treat water problems, and not every home or business requires all of them. The best way to ensure you have the right solution for your business is for us to perform a free diagnostic on your water supply. One of our trained experts can perform this diagnostic, assess your needs and propose a solution best suited for your poultry farm. To schedule this no-obligation consultation, call us at (770) 934-7991.