Iron Filters

An iron filter is installed in homes, businesses, and commercial locations where there is too much iron in the water. Excess iron in the water supply can damage fixtures and can be bad for your healthy. If you notice brown, red, or orange stains in your sinks and tubs or find there is a metallic taste to your water, you need to ask yourself: What is an iron filter, and do I need one?


What is an Iron Filter?

An iron filter is a special type of water filter designed specifically to remove excess iron that can occur naturally in the water supply. The EPA recommends no more than .3 ppm of iron in potable water, but iron can occur at elevated levels that changes the taste of the water and that damages your plumbing and fixtures. Clothing washed in water with too much iron may appear dingy, and water pressure can be reduced, along with stains appearing in sinks, tubs, and toilets.


Iron filters take out the excess iron minerals that affect the water supply. Iron filters come in different forms including:

  • Greensand filters: Greensand filters use greensand in order to remove excess iron from the water. The greensand is refreshed approximately every three to four months with potassium permanganate, which keeps the media bed charged so the iron can be pulled out of the water supply. Accumulated iron and other impurities pulled out of the water by the charged greensand bed will accumulate in the filter system until a backwashing cycle occurs around every three to four days. The cycle cleans the media bed, flushes away the sediment and contaminants, and then resumes normal function.
  • Chemical-free filters: For those who prefer a 100 percent chemical-free approach, there are other options to filter iron out of water. Chemical-free filters usually use oxygen to oxidize your water, which also oxidizes the iron in the water supply. The oxidized iron will become trapped in the bed of the water filter. Filters automatically backwash to clean the mineral bed and flush out the trapped iron. Clean water leaves the chemical-free filter, so you won’t have iron buildup in your home or your outdoor water supply.


Chemical free filters can remove large quantities of iron, and good filters can reach a flow rate of as much as 35 gallons per minute of pure water with iron removed. As these filters remove iron from household water, you can say goodbye to driveway and sidewalk stains and enjoy cleaner water indoors as well.


Metro Water Filter of the South Has the Right Iron Filter For You

Know that you’ve answered the question what is an iron filter and know why a filter may be necessary for your home or commercial property, you need to find the right filter to use. Metro Water Filter sells high quality iron filters that help to ensure your water tastes great and that your appliances, plumbing, and clothing in your washer are all stain free.


Our filters are durable, and maintenance is easy so you don’t have to worry about whether the filter is working for you. Operation is automatic and you will enjoy cleaner and better tasting water after install. Contact us today to learn more about the right system for you to remove excess iron from your water supply.