No-Salt Hardness Filters

Whether you’re using water from a well or a public water supply, in many cases the water contains “hardness” minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Over time, these can cause scale buildup in water heaters and pipes, also causing spotting on dishes, drinking glasses and silverware. No-salt hardness filters provide a great way to neutralize and remove most of these hardness minerals at the entry point of your home or business.


Through this unique filtration system, the dissolved calcium and magnesium ions are turned into microscopic crystals that are unable to attach to surfaces, transforming the hard water into crystal-clear, great-tasting drinking water that won’t cause buildup on your pipes or dishes.


Advantages of no-salt hardness filters

  • No salt required; won’t add sodium to the water
  • No electricity required, and no moving parts; powered by water-pressure only, requiring little to no maintenance
  • No backwashing needed, reducing water waste
  • 100-percent scale prevention
  • Dissolves existing scale on pipes as well as preventing new scale buildup
  • Improves the efficiency of appliances that use water (like dishwashers, washing machines or coffee makers)
  • Keeps beneficial minerals in drinking water, rather than removing them
  • Environmentally friendly: reduces wasted water and reduces plastic waste


Benefits to you and your family

A no-salt hardness filter is different from a water softener because beneficial minerals are not removed from the water during the filtering process, leaving only great-tasting, healthy water that is perfect for brewing coffee or tea, rinsing fruits and vegetables, filling aquariums, bathing, or drinking right out of the tap.


A no-salt hardness filter saves you in the following ways

  • Money—spend pennies per gallon, rather than dollars per gallon from purchasing bottled water
  • Time—no more trips to the store to buy water, no deliveries to schedule
  • The environment—your water filter can save hundreds of pounds worth of plastic waste per year!


Improve your family’s quality of life with a no-salt hardness filter that yields high-quality, great-tasting drinking water right from the tap! Talk to one of our Metro Water Filter representatives today at (770) 934-7991.