If you are in the market for a water filtration system, it is important to be well-informed on what exactly is going to meet your needs. Water filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning not every system is going to be the right fit for every home. Understanding the functionality in relation to your needs will help direct you to the best option. Below, our specialists share a few important questions you should ask when purchasing home water filter systems in GA so you’ll always have clean drinking water throughout the house.

The Questions to Ask

What is Contaminating Your Water?

Have you noticed your water has an unpleasant taste? Has it damaged your faucet or appliances? Perhaps another issue?

Whatever the symptoms may be, the essential question to ask when considering water filtration is, “What is contaminating my water?” The answer to this question will determine what exactly your home needs for water filtration. Understanding what kind of contaminants are in your water will tell you what features you need in your new system. You want to make sure that the system you purchase is capable of filtering out what it needs to.

Have someone come out to your home and run a water quality test. From there, you can move on to researching actual filters and what they can do for your home.

the best home water purification systems gaWhat is the Lifespan of the System?

The lifespan of a water filtration system varies. That being said, it is important to be aware of how long the system you chose will last. This goes hand-in-hand with the maintenance it requires. Ask how often you will need to change the filters as well as how often it will require maintenance from a specialist. You may also want to inquire about available warranties and maintenance services that a company offers, as this is an investment that you should be able to rely on.

Is the System Compatible with Your Home?

As mentioned above, each system varies in its features and abilities. This may include details such as being a home that relies on well water versus city water. When you are purchasing a system, you need to make sure your home can support said features. Ask about what kinds of extra attachments are necessary or if additional equipment is needed.

the best home water purification systems gaHow Much Will the System Cost?

Do your research when it comes to the cost of a new home water system. Make sure that what you are paying is reasonable in comparison to competitors and that you are getting what you are paying for. Features and abilities should correlate with the price.

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As a leading provider of residential drinking water filter systems in GA, our team of experts can come out to your business and perform a free water test. From there, we can advise the best solutions so that your water is as high-quality as the work you do. From installation to maintenance, Metro Water Filter of the South is here for you.

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