Bathing with Unfiltered Water May Lead to Dry Skin & Hair

Baths and showers are supposed to be relaxing, especially after a long day of work or as a way to freshen up before starting the day. Showers are somewhat of a safe space—a soothing sanctuary. But is there a chance a shower can harm you? For homes using unfiltered tap water, there’s a chance your daily relaxing shower could be damaging your skin and hair. Our water filter specialists, offering whole home solutions for GA and Southeast homeowners, are here to explain how your showers may be damaging your skin and hair.

How Water Quality Affects Your Skin & Hair

The Hard Truth

It may be no surprise to you that unfiltered water can have many different types of contaminants, including but not limited to chemicals, bacteria, sediment, and so on. Depending on what is in your water, certain contaminants cause a variety of issues. This is the case with water that has high mineral content, otherwise known as hard water.

Many studies have found that somewhere between 80% and 90% of American households have hard water running out of their faucets. If you’re a part of that majority, you need to know what hard water is and how it could be affecting you.

Can tap water damage my skin & hair? Hard water can lead to dry skin and hair. 80% to 90% of American households have hard water. It is caused by minerals dissolving into the water. It can be purified using conditioning filters.

What’s Hard Water?

Do you have to use large handfuls of shampoo to lather? Do you have to pump more soap than usual to make bubbles? These are issues caused by hard water.

Hard water is caused by certain minerals, typically calcium and magnesium, dissolving into the water. Hard water is noticeable when using detergents as more soap is needed to create bubbles. Hard water may also leave your skin feeling slimy after washing your hands or bathing.

These side effects may seem manageable and like they’re not a big deal, but there are a few things to consider. For one, since hard water makes it so you have to pour in more soap to make bubbles, you will end up spending more on cleansing and cleaning supplies. Hard water makes cleaning less efficient and requires more product.

There’s one other major factor that homeowners are passionate about.

Hard water contributes to dry skin and dry hair. Taking a shower or taking a bath is supposed to be refreshing. It’s supposed to be an opportunity to scrub clean and hydrate your skin. With hard water, bathing can lead to damaging your skin and hair. Thankfully, there’s a way to purify the water in your home.

Water dripping from a shower head.What’s the Solution?

Water filtration specialists make it simple and affordable for homeowners to enjoy the benefits of whole home filtration systems. The water from every faucet in your home can be pure. As a part of whole home water filter systems, many GA homeowners would benefit from conditioning filters, which purify the water from minerals that can be harmful.

Enjoy Refreshing Showers with Purer Water

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