These days, we are seeing more and more people transitioning over to growing their own organic gardens for fresh produce. Choosing to grow a garden may help families save on skyrocketing grocery prices, and it offers healthier alternatives by avoiding potential chemicals and pesticides in your food. It takes a lot of work and patience to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. With all that work and effort, it would be a shame to eventually learn the water used to help your garden grow contains pollutants that harm produce. This is exactly why it is so important to have a clean filtered water system for your home! Let’s explore some of the effects of using harmful water on your garden and how GA homeowners can combat it with water home systems.

Harmful Water = Harmful Crops

In order for the fruits and vegetables we eat to give us all of their nutritional benefits, we have to make sure we are providing them with nutrients first. This starts at the roots, literally. Because plants absorb water through their roots, the water they receive needs to be free of harmful chemicals. Anything the roots are absorbing will eventually make its way into our bodies while we are eating. Ultimately, dirty water may defeat the whole purpose of growing an organic garden when it comes to health benefits. Both biological and chemical contaminates can put the humans that consume them at risk for foodborne illnesses.

Protect Your Plants with Water Filtration

It’s reassuring to know exactly where your food comes from. The same can be said about the water used to grow your garden, and that is why a water filtration system is a great way to ensure what you’re growing and consuming is safe.

In GA, getting whole home water filtration systems will make a tremendous difference in your water’s quality. As no two homes are the same, the right equipment will be different from one house to the next, all depending on what’s in your water. The exact equipment needed will vary from house to house, but here are a few examples of water filters that will improve your water quality or a healthier garden.

Carbon Filters

A carbon filter is a great solution to keeping your water clean. They are capable of removing a vast number of the potential additives and sediment in your water supply. It is a great universal problem solver as it takes care of over 100 of the 129 identified harmful agents.

UV Light Filters

An ultraviolet light filter is a great option for fighting bacteria in your water supply. Bacteria is difficult to detect and you may not know that it is contaminating your water until it affects your health. Consuming bacteria can lead to gastrointestinal problems, Legionnaire’s Disease (a type of pneumonia), Hemolytic uremic syndrome, and headaches. A UV filter system utilizes high doses of ultraviolet light to sterilize water in a stainless steel disinfecting chamber.

Let Metro Water Filter of the South Clean Your Water Supply

Metro Water Filter of the South, serving the GA and the Southeast, offers many home water filtration systems that will keep your water clean and your garden happy.

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