Having whole home water filtration systems installation performed for your GA home provides you with clean, crisp, great tasting water year-round. But what exactly does the process look like before and during the installation, and how long can you expect it to take? This article aims to answer those questions as well as some of the questions homeowners usually have regarding the process.

A whole home water filtration system is the most complete system for a home. It is a point of entry system, which means it is installed where the main water line enters your home. This ensures that only pure, clean water flows out of every faucet and through every appliance in your home.

Depending on what you wish to be filtered out of the water will determine which filters need to be included in the system to achieve the results you want. Many filtration types are available depending on your home’s specific needs.

The Steps of Home Water Filtration System Installation

Let’s go over the average process of completing your GA home water filtration systems installation:


home water filtration systems installation ga

It is important to get your water tested by a team of professionals so that you know exactly what is in your water. This information will be used by an expert to determine exactly which filters your home needs. You may also wish to take a look at your area’s water quality via the searchable database published by the Environmental Working Group, which measures and ranks water quality in U.S. communities. Keep in mind that this information may not be 100% accurate for your home’s water quality and that a personalized water diagnosis is the recommended course of action.

For those who rely on well water, the Environmental Protection Agency has information regarding the importance of testing your well water since private wells are not regulated.

Find a Pro

home water filtration systems installation gaThe installation of a home water filtration system is best done by a professional. This is recommended because an experienced technician will know exactly which equipment is needed—in other words, you won’t waste money by buying unnecessary equipment. Also, a professional will have the tools, supplies, and knowledge for the best results.

Trained and experienced technicians can have the whole home system up and running in as little as an hour or up to about three to four hours, depending on the system’s complexity as well as space and ease of access.

In Need of a Whole Home Filter?

Plenty of reasons exist for needing a whole home water filtration systems installation in GA, whether it’s to disinfect the water from pathogens, filter out chemicals and debris, or to soften your water. If your home is in need of better quality water all throughout, then a whole home filtration system is right for you.

Metro Water Filter of the South

Fast & Reliable Home Water Filtration Systems Installation in GA

Here at Metro Water Filtration of the South, we pride ourselves on providing timely home water purification system installation to GA residents. Our expert team members, knowledgeable and customer-service oriented, are ready to provide your family with installation services for any new home water filtration systems. With Metro Water Filtration of the South, you no longer have to worry about what gunk and grime may be in your home’s water.

Want a complimentary water diagnosis to help begin your journey towards installing a home water filtration system? Our expert team filled with friendly faces is ready to take your call. Contact us today by calling us at 888-604-8043 or by filling out our contact form here. We’ll take care of your request and find the whole home water filtration solution that provides your family with the water they deserve.

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