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Why Invest in Professional Water Filtration Services?

Professional Water Filtration Services are Worth The Investment

Water is essential to our daily life, and its quality is vital to maintaining good health. Public and well water systems can be contaminated with various impurities, including bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and minerals, that can affect water’s taste, odor, and quality. At Metro Water Filter of the South, this is where professional water filtration services come in.

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What are the Benefits of Drinking Water?

It’s no secret that drinking water is good for you, but not everyone knows why it’s good for you, in what ways it’s beneficial, or how much to drink. Clean drinking water is a necessity for overall health, thus it is crucial to avoid potentially harmful contaminants. So, with municipal water quality varying across the country and many rural communities relying on unregulated well water, families all across GA and beyond are adding home filter systems for better drinking water.

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How Long Does It Take to Install a Home Water Filtration System?

Having whole home water filtration systems installation performed for your GA home provides you with clean, crisp, great tasting water year-round. But what exactly does the process look like before and during the installation, and how long can you expect it to take? This article aims to answer those questions as well as some of the questions homeowners usually have regarding the process.

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The Hidden Costs of Hard Water

Could Your Water Quality Be Costing You?

Owning a home comes with many potential hidden costs that can be frustrating to learn about. No homeowner likes the surprise of a sudden expense, and that’s why it certainly helps to be aware of any potential hidden costs to prepare as necessary. For example, the cost of a poorly maintained roof goes beyond just a few shingles, as it could damage other areas of your home. The same can be said about the quality of your water, especially if your home has something known as “hard water.” Below, our water filter specialists in GA explain what hard water is and how it can affect your whole home and its systems.

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Scary Stuff Hiding In Your Home’s Water

The faucets in our homes are used throughout the day, whether it be to hydrate after a day of yardwork, make your kid’s favorite spaghetti, or relax at the end of a long day in the bathtub. It’s easy to assume that your tap water is perfectly free of any contaminants or “scary stuff.” However, that sense of safety may be falsely inflated. Keeping your home equipped with the best home water purification systems can help protect your GA home from pumping out unsafe water.

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Will Tap Water Damage My Hair?

Bathing with Unfiltered Water May Lead to Dry Skin & Hair

Baths and showers are supposed to be relaxing, especially after a long day of work or as a way to freshen up before starting the day. Showers are somewhat of a safe space—a soothing sanctuary. But is there a chance a shower can harm you? For homes using unfiltered tap water, there’s a chance your daily relaxing shower could be damaging your skin and hair. Our water filter specialists, offering whole home solutions for GA and Southeast homeowners, are here to explain how your showers may be damaging your skin and hair.

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